Chris McNutt was born in New Hampshire and raised in North Texas. Growing up in a conservative household, Chris was taught the importance of family values, and the value of hard work. He obtained his first job at age 16 as a bus-boy in a hotel restaurant. He worked his way up to cashier, then to banquets, and eventually moved to the guest services department, where he later became manager on duty for the 250-room property by age 19.

At age 20, Chris decided to start his own business within the music industry while living in Houston. What initially began as a small music-promotions company eventually grew into a brand of websites that have garnered over 60 million visits since inception. He managed to forge relationships with many top music labels and artists in the music industry, such as Sony Music Group, Warner Brothers Records, and Atlantic Records, among others. As a business owner, Chris experienced the bureaucratic red-tape of big government.

chris-mcnutt-downtown-dallasIn 2009, Chris realized the promises of President Obama’s “hope and change” were bad for the country, which encouraged him to get involved in politics. After moving back to Dallas in 2011, he became a Precinct Chair in the Dallas County Republican Party and become active in many clubs around the Dallas Fort-Worth area, serving as First Vice President of the Southwest Dallas County Republican Club in 2014, and taking leadership roles at the Republican Party Senate District and State Conventions as a Chairman of the Rules Committee.

Chris has worked on various local campaigns and served as a campaign manager for a candidate who sought a seat in the Texas House of Representatives. He has worked for the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, State Senator Don Huffines, and is currently the South Central Regional Director for the National Association for Gun Rights. He holds an AAS Degree for Business Administration from Mountain View College.

To contact Chris McNutt, you can e-mail him at or

He may also be reached by phone at 972-638-7314.